Operator Manager

Job Tracking ID:  512181-609130
Location:   Norristown, PA
Job Type:  Full-Time/Regular
Date Updated:  February 19, 2018
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Job Description:

Scope of Position
Responsible for the management of daily operations of the partner agencies within the PA CareerLink® Montgomery County (CareerLink®), as defined by Montgomery County Workforce Development Board – MontcoWorks (MontcoWorks). Operator Manager will support the implementation of the Partner Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) as defined by MontcoWorks and the mandated partner agencies including EARN. Supervise daily activities and resources to support the implementation of performance goals and objectives of service delivery identified the Partner MOUs, as well as measuring the customer satisfaction of jobseekers, employers, the community and MontcoWorks. Support the relationships of MontcoWorks with community based service organizations that support employers and jobseekers. Work directly with Operator Director and support the Management Team and MontcoWorks on all aspects of contract goals, reports, objectives and deliverable.

Essential Functions/Tasks/Reporting
Daily Center Operations
• Provide functional supervision to CareerLink® staff to ensure services and resources are available at the CareerLink®
• Support environment that is positive and cooperative
• Communicate with center staff
• Identify training needs of partners and present to Operator Director and MontcoWorks
• Implement integrated service plan as approved by MontcoWorks and partners
• Monitor customer flow and implement solutions for bottlenecks
• Work with Partner leadership on strategy to reach goals, improve services and identify areas of improvement
• Inform and update CareerLink® Partners on activities, policies and procedures
• Maintain schedules
Delivery of Services/Creating Integrated Services Strategy
• Monitor the delivery of services provided by partner agencies and report activities to MontcoWorks
• Implement and monitor the Integrated Service Strategy
• Implement the system approach that will meet the diverse needs of all customers relating to registration, eligibility, assessments, training offerings and job placement
• Support a welcoming environment within the CareerLink® that will align all services to better serve jobseekers, employers and the community
• Work with partner staff so that they identify themselves with specific services as opposed to specific agencies
• Oversee recruitment events, Community Based Organization referrals, walk-in traffic, group orientations (WIOA and TANF) and direct advertising
• Manage the room rentals, trainings, center calendar, referral process to Wagner Peyser and Workshops
• Implement marketing plan for new center partners as defined by MontcoWorks
• Monitor and ensure that all services/policies required by WIOA, the state and MontcoWorks are available to jobseekers and employers
• Monitor and evaluate customer service
• Maintain/monitor working relationships with partners
• Monitor usage and input of data in the Commonwealth Workforce Development System

Partnerships for Promoting CareerLink® Center Services
• Monitor foot traffic for all events held at the CareerLink®
• Identify and support improvements in new efficiencies in operations and delivery of services
• Identify stats and service offerings
• Support improvement
• Ensure compliance with all federal/state accessibility requirements and related policies
• Create an environment that supports effective communications among all partners
Engaging Employers
• Monitor delivery of services and fulfillment of job postings of designated partner organizations and report activities as required
• Facilitate meeting among Recruitment Division and Case Managers to identify potential placements
• Work with the Operator Director in implementing the business plan in developing relationships with local businesses and developing network events
• Build on exiting relationships with employers to promote the services of the CareerLink
Upskilling Jobseeker through Learning & Earning: Apprenticeships and On-the-Job Training
• Coordinate/schedule training offerings
• Work with Youth Provider(s) to ensure that youth are engaged in all service offering at the PA CareerLink® Montgomery County
• Submit all required reports
• Monitor progress on all contractual performance requirements as defined by MontcoWorks
• Review all reports for accurate completion of required documentation
• Present performance reports and provide corrective actions as needed
• Submit all required reports related to CareerLink® services as required by WIOA, state, MontcoWorks and Director of Operations
• Work with the Operator Director in the development of market opportunities to new organization to become partners in the center
• Meet with the Operator Director weekly to review performance and reporting criteria defined by MontcoWorks
• Participate in quarterly and yearly reviews with Operator Director
• Additional Duties as Required

Experience and Skills:

• Experience in managing people and building and maintaining coalitions and partnerships
• Experience in career counseling and business outreach
• Bachelor's degree in business, economics, education or human resources, or related experience in business, management, professional training, adult teaching or sales
• Ability to converse with a wide range of professionals and demonstrate a positive, professional attitude
• Proficient in Microsoft computer systems
• Excellent communication, analytical, and interpersonal skills
• Strong leadership skills with a demonstrated ability to thrive in environments with multiple stakeholders, frequent change, and diverse objectives
• Ability to prioritize tasks and solve problems
• Demonstrated telephone, computer and written communication skills
• Ability to maintain flexibility as needs of contract or contractor require
• Valid Driver’s License and an automobile are preferred

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Additional Information:

Job Level:   Management
Number of Openings:   1
Years of Experience:   2 - 5 Years
Level of Education:   BA/BS
Salary:   $ 60,000 to 65,000 per year
Starting Date :   ASAP